4-H Dairy Bar

4-H Youth

Nationally, over 6 million youth belong to 4-H. In Essex County, we offer 4-H clubs, after school 4-H opportunities, connections to 4-H camps and statewide 4-H activities. Visit our pages or call our office to learn more!

4-H Schwan's Cares Campaign

By placing an order through our Schwan’s fundraiser a portion of the sales will come back in support of our campaign! You can order yourself and/ or encourage family and friends to order using our campaign #44427 to help the 4-H program! Our fundraiser will run through February 21st, 2019 earning 20- 40% profit then continue for another 90 days earning 5% of profit. As a 4-H’er all you have to do is place an order and/ or share our campaign! Schwan’s does the rest, they will handle delivery and money transactions! Click below!

Last updated January 15, 2019