Farmer Resources

Guide to Farming in NYS

Comprehensive guide for navigating the various dimensions of agricultural business including basics of financing, taxes, planning, marketing, grants, climate and soil considerations and more. A great place to start. 

Northeast Beginning Farmers

Lists funding opportunities and how to best succeed in achieving them, online courses co-led by farmers on farm planning and management, useful resources and guides specific to beginning farmers.

Small Farms Resources

Ample resources for small farm management, from funding to soil health, marketing to food safety.

NNY Ag TeamEastern NY Commercial Horticulture Harvest NY

Each team is made up of specialists, research programs and workshops tailored for our region. Research-based tools for your agricultural operations, experts providing on-the-ground support, business planning and marketing tools and more.

Farm Commons

Legal information and support for sustainable farmers. Webinars, tutorials, resources, services and even a podcast.

Farm Hack

A worldwide community of farmers who build and modify their own tools and share their innovations as well as other techniques online. 

Google Earth and Web Soil Survey

Google Earth and Web Soil Survey- Homesteading

These two websites provide tutorials on how to use Google Earth and the UC Davis SoilWeb adaptation of the national soil surveys to zone, map, measure, plan and study your farm. You can also overlay topographical maps. Note that the ‘parcel’ view function in Google Earth is not available as described in the tutorial. However, you can view Essex County parcels in the following website:

Essex County Map Viewer GIS

If you click on ‘Map Layers’ and ‘Parcels’ then zoom in far enough, you can view parcel information. Looks like plenty of other useful features here too!

Adirondack Harvest

Get connected with local growers, local markets and communities. Have your farm featured on an interactive website and local food map and in festivals.

Natural Resources Conservation Programs

Conservation practices and programs for your land. Includes funding opportunities.

Custom Rate Resources

Provides reasonable ballpark prices for buying, selling or renting various services, equipment and commodities.

Farm Building Exemptions

New York Farm Bureau

Agricultural lobbying organization, also offering a wide range of legal advice.

* Please feel free to contact Carly at any time to suggest your favorite resources or inquire about resources that you'd like to see.

Visitors board the hayride at Farm City Day 2007, Lew-Lin Farm, Dryden NY.

Agritourism Guide

This CCE guide, "Getting Started in Agritourism" (2016) covers how to begin, what visitors expect, customer relations, income streams, liability, marketing and other useful resources.

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Adirondack Harvest logo

Adirondack Harvest

Adirondack Harvest is a program of CCE Essex that promotes the production and consumption of locally grown food and wood products.

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