Sugarbush Walk

  • Saturday, December 16, 2017, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Maple Knoll Farm taps 1,500 trees on 46 acres. Please join us for a sugarbush walk & workshop with Joe Orefice, director of the Cornell Uihlein Research Forest, on scouting for Forest Tent Caterpillar egg masses. We will discuss recent maple defoliation by the caterpillars, ways to estimate defoliation in spring by egg mass counting in fall, as well as options for management. Following the workshop, Eric Klippel, founder of Maple Knoll Farm, will provide a tour of his maple production facility. He’s also graciously providing refreshments for the event. For this reason, please RSVP here. Or copy and paste this link (https://pub.cce.cornell.edu/event_registration/main/events_landing.cfm?event=MapleKnollSugarbushWalk_215)
We’d like to take this opportunity to bring Essex County maple producers together & explore topics for discussion groups, such as techniques for optimizing microbial activity in syrup for your target flavor and color. This event is hosted by Essex County CCE & Maple Knoll Farm. Please email Carly Summers at cfs82@cornell.edu with any questions, or call 518-962-4810 x409


Carly Summers, Ph.D.
Agricultural Resource Educator
518-962-4810 x409