Biomass Energy Case Studies

Below is a list of several biomass projects across New York State. Click on the red text for a snapshot providing basic information about that project. We are working on expanding as many of them into full case studies as possible (see Vernon-Verona-Sherrill Central School District). Please visit back, or contact us if you have information you would like to add.

Associated Harvest
Associated Harvest, located in Lafargeville, NY manufactures wood pellets.

Broome Biomass, LLC - coming soon!

Catalyst Renewables
Catalyst Renewables, an electricity production facility located in Syracuse, owns and operates the Lyonsdale Biomass wood-fired CHP facility in Lyonsdale, Lewis County.

CCE Delaware County
CCE of Delaware County runs the Delaware County's Grass Bio-Energy Pilot Project which focuses on grass bioenergy feedstock production and uses grass pellets for residential and commercial heating.

CCE Dutchess County
CCE of Dutchess County grows and harvests grass for biomass energy.

CCE St. Lawrence County
CCE of St. Lawrence county recently launched a project which aims to demonstrate on-site grass pellet production.

Central New York Resource Conservation and Development Project
CNY RC&D ran a Willow Biomass Project that aimed to commercialize willow bioenergy crops to use as feedstock for bioproducts and bioeenergy.

Colgate University - coming soon!
Colgate has a biomass-fired steam-heat system for its campus, located in Hamilton, NY. In addition to purchased wood chips, it is experimenting with burning willow grown on its own fields.

Dedrick Farms
Privately owned, Dedrick Farms has created biopellets from a variety of farm materials.

Double A Willow

Owned by Dennis and Sue Rak who grow willow for a variety of purposes.

Eco-Grid, a non-profit in Hudson, NY, is conducting a major feasibility study of district energy.

Edwards-Knox Central School
The Edward-Knox Central school of Russel, NY, has been investigating installing a biomass boiler.

Enviro Energy, LLC
Enviro Energy, LLC, is a family-run grass-pelleting company located in Wells Bridge, NY.

Hudson Valley Grass Energy - coming soon!

Instantheat WoodPellets, Inc.
Instantheat Wood Pellets Inc. is a wood-pelletting company located in Addison, NY.

Lower Hudson-Long Island RC&D Council
The Lower Hudson-Long SIland RC&D Council have developed a mobile grass pelletizer.

Lyonsdale Biomass ------[page under construction]--------
ReEnergy Holdings, LLC, an Albany-based renewable energy company bought this wood chip-fired 22 MW facility in 2011. In addition to locally sourced wood chips, they have planted more than 500 acres of willow they plan to chip.

NY Farm Viability Institute
NY Farm Viability Institute is an independent, farmer-led nonprofit organization that funds a variety of on-farm projects including ones encouraging farmers to grow grasses and other crops for bioenergy.

New York State Agricultural Experiment Station ------[page under construction]--------
In 2010 Cornell University installed a biomass boiler at the Ag Experiment Station's Field Research Unit headquarters in Geneva, NY, that will heat two buildings with willow harvested from University-owned research and demonstration fields.

RPM Ecosystems, LLC - coming soon!

Schuyler Wood Pellet
Schuyler Wood Pellet is a pelletizing facility owned by New England Wood Pellets, in New Hampshire, that gets their material entirely from New York sources.

State University of New York - College of Environmental Science and Forestry
SUNY ESF is conducting field and laboratory research and facilitating the commercialization of willow and other woody biomass for bioenergy and bioproducts.

Vernon-Verona-Sherrill Central School District
V-V-S Central School District is working on converting its oil-fired maple syrup production facility to burning willow and other biomass grown on its own fields.

Last updated July 12, 2021