Grazing native forages
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Grazing Native Forages


NEW DATE! Native Grass Forages

  • Tuesday, July 18, 2023, 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

NOTE! This presentation has been rescheduled for Tuesday, July 18th (originally scheduled for Tuesday July 11th.)

A presentation by and discussion with Dr. Patrick Keyser, Author of Native Grass Forages for the Eastern U.S..

Native grasses can provide a dependable source of nutrition for livestock during periods of extreme heat and drought; enhance wildlife habitat; and improve soil health. In this presentation, Dr. Patrick Keyser will discuss why native forages can benefit livestock farm operations. Dr. Keyser will share his findings regarding best practices for successful establishment as well as recommendations for management, including grazing and hay production. Dy. Keyser will share case studies showing how native grasses can reduce input costs, maintenance labor, and boost yields over time.

Dr. Patrick Keyser is a Professor and Director for the Center for Native Grasslands at the University of Tennessee. In that role, Dr. Keyser leads comprehensive research and outreach programs focused on a broad range of issues pertinent to native grasslands. This includes work on forage production systems for livestock, the integration of forage and biomass production, answering specific management questions for native grasses, restoration of natural grassland communities, and wildlife responses to native grasslands management. Since coming to UT 17 years ago, he has authored or co-authored more than 70 grants worth nearly $42 million in support of his research and outreach activities, all leading to over 425 publications including two books and more than 90 articles in scientific journals. 

Audience: While the presentation and Q&A will focus on issues specific to the farming community, all who are interested in native habitat, grassland birds, conservation techniques, climate resilience in farming, and beyond are welcome and encouraged to attend. 


5:30-6:00 "Why Native Grasses" 20 minute presentation and 10 minute Q&A

6:00-6:30 "Establishing Native Grass Forages" 20 minute presentation and 10 minute Q&A

6:30-7:10 "Managing Native Forages" 30 minute presentation and 10 minute Q&A

7:10-7:30 "Wildlife Benefits of Native Grasses on Working Lands" 15 minute presentation and 5 minute Q&A

7:30-7:50 Optional Q&A and Discussion

Resources about Native Warm Season Grasses:

Patrick Keyser's book: Native Warm Season Grasses for the Eastern U.S.

Podcast about native warm season grasses and farming, with farmers sharing their experiences:

Collaboration between Round the Bend Farm and Massachuttsets Audubon Society:

NRCS resources: NRCS_2021_native_wsg_article_with_types_of_grasses_best_for_ag.pdf


Sponsored and organized by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Essex County.





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