Juneberry Farm, Ovid, NY (Guy Lister and Jim Ochterski)
Image by Seneca County CCE

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Stable Coyote Packs Benefit Farms & Communities

Coyotes help farms? Can this be true? What about the converse: killing coyotes hurts farms. Yes. Both true, albeit, perhaps surprising, statements. I think many of us get the impression that since coyote populations seem to be doing well, coyote shooting tournaments or occasional hunting can’t hurt the coyotes. However, killing coyotes does hurt farms. To continue reading, click here.

Predators Benefit Public Health and Local Economies

If ever there was a time in American history when we had reason to fear being eaten by bigger animals, it is past. The greatest dangers these days are self-imposed: fast cars, fast food, pollution… All the wild carnivores in North America combined do not kill as many people as do domestic dogs. Cars kill thousands of times as many people as do animals. To continue reading, click here.


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Last updated June 6, 2018