Wind Turbines

Wind Energy

Wind is a result of the sun’s uneven heating patterns in our atmosphere, the rotation of the Earth, and the physical irregularities of Earth’s surface. Wind energy refers to the power generated by wind through wind turbine systems.

How do they work?

Wind turbine systems are mainly composed of blades and towers. Moving air turns the blades, which then powers an electric generator that supplies an electric current. One way to think of a wind turbine is to think of it as the opposite of a fan-- fans use electricity to make wind; wind turbines use wind to make electricity.

Why use a wind turbine?

The installation of a wind turbine system will:

  • reduce your emission of greenhouse gases
  • lessen your dependence on nonrenewable energy sources, which are subject to price fluctuations
  • lead to long-term financial savings
  • lead to marketing and public relation benefits for businesses

Wind turbines are often recommended as a complementary system to solar panel systems. To provide 100% of energy from renewable sources while meeting 100% of energy demand, solar panel systems are needed to produce energy during the day while wind turbines are needed to produce energy during the night.

Are there any incentives available?

Yes. You can learn more at NYSERDA’s Small Wind Turbine Program web pages.


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Last updated July 12, 2021