Winter snow

Winter Storms & Snow Loads

Heavy snow, ice storms, and extreme cold can cause severe property damage and put human and animal lives at risk. Accurate predicting of winter storms can help people prepare by making sure they have adequate fuel, food, and other supplies on hand, but an unexpected change in wind direction can result in major snow accumulation in a localized region. In New York, this is often referred to as lake-effect snow because it generally involves geographic areas near Lake Erie or Lake Ontario.

Visit the Eden Winter Storm Page for up to date information on winter storms and handling heavy snow loads!

Check out the following important resources:

Dos and Don’ts of Barn Snow Removal (PDF) by Curt Gooch and Sam Steinberg, Cornell University

Farmstead Recovery Checklist: Snow Load & Barn Collapse (PDF) by NYS EDEN

Heavy Snow Loads (PDF) by Curt A. Gooch, Cornell University

Last updated December 20, 2022