A honey bee is attracted to flowers in the USDA People's Garden in Washington, DC.

Home Gardening Links

Cornell University’s Cooperative Extension and Dept. of Horticulture offers in-depth, research-based information on all aspects of home gardening from lawns to fruit trees. Learn more at their Garden-Based Learning pages or go directly to their Garden page.

Categories of resources by topic are listed below. Learn more about gardening in each of these categories by choosing one of the links. If you wish to speak to someone about a gardening question, please call the Extension Office at 518-962-4810 or email the Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinator, Linda Gillilland at llg46@cornell.edu. You will also find Master Garden Volunteers at some farmers’ markets and libraries during the summer.

Online Resources


Soil Organic Matter
Soil pH
Using Organic Matter in the Garden

Soil Tests

Get The Most Out of Your Vegetable Garden Soil Test Report
How to Take a Soil Sample
Calculators National Gardening Association – for lowering soil pH, etc.
Calculator List with links to different calculators


Home Composting
Designs for Composting Systems
Welded Wire Cylinder Bin [directions for building]

Seed Starting

Indoor Vegetable Seed Starting
Starting Seeds at Home
Low Cost Grow-Light Frame Plans


Selected List of Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners in NY State 2019
Tomato Variety Recommendations for Late Blight Resistance (2015)
Vegetable Growing Guide (Beginner’s Edition) Northern NY
Cornell’s Vegetable Growing Guides
Vegetables – Cornell Garden Based Learning

Cultivating Confidence with Coffee- Planting Asparagus!


Cornell’s Flower Growing Guides
Garden Plant Identification


Food Gardening - Growing Fruit

Pests & Diseases

Late Blight
USA Blight.org A National Project on Tomato & Potato Late Blight in the U.S.
Tomato Variety Recommendations for Late Blight Resistance (2105)
Plant Diagnostics: What is “wrong” with my plant?
BugGuide – Iowa State University, Dept. of Entomology
Vegetable MD
New York State Integrated Pest Management Program


Lawn Care: The Easiest Steps to an Attractive Environmental Asset

Native Plants

Native Spring Blooming Perennials
Native Summer Blooming Perennials
Native Fall Blooming Perennials
Native Ornamental Grasses
Native Shrubs
Native Trees


Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program

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