4-H Driving Clinic.

4-H Driving Clinic.


4-H Animal Resources

4-H Youth Development- Animal Science

Youth can enjoy animal-related projects that enhance knowledge and skills in animal science. these projects also encourage personal development and increase life skills. The 4-H program has active programs for youth interested in dogs, small animals, pets, livestock, and equine. Some great opportunities youth could take advantage of in the Animal Science program are: 

. Dairy Bowl                                                             . Horse Bowl

. Poultry Science                                                     . Hippology 

. Horse Communications                                        . Dog club

. County Fair                                                             . Clinics 

Small Animal Resources:

NYS 4-H Rabbit/Cavy Website

Rabbit Show PDF

NYS 4-H Pets Website

NYS 4-H Poultry Website


NYS 4-H Horse Website

NYS 4-H Horse Facebook Page

NYS 4-H Horse Show Rule Book

NYS 4-H Educational Events Rulebook


NYS 4-H Beef Website

NYS 4-H Dairy Website

NYS 4-H Sheep Website

NYS 4-H Goat Website

NYS 4-H Swine Website


NYS 4-H Dog Website

NYS 4-H Dog Facebook Page

Last updated September 16, 2022