NYS 4-H Horse National Team

NYS 4-H Horse Resources

Welcome to the new page to find your NYS 4-H Horse Resources! This space will allow Educators, Volunteers, Youth and Families to find rulebooks and resources for the NYS 4-H Horse Program! 

NYS 4-H Horse Rulebooks:

NYS 4-H Educational Rulebook

NYS 4-H Horse Judging List:

NYS 4-H Horse Judging List

NYS 2023 Educational Events:

2023 Horse Bowl Memo

Horse Bowl Senior Questions:

Round 2 Senior Questions

 2019 Senior Questions 

Round 3 Senior

Round 4 Senior

Round 5 Senior

Round 6 Senior

Round 7 Senior

Round 8 Senior

Horse Bowl Junior Questions:

Round 1 Junior Questions

Round 2 Junior

Round 3 Junior

Round 4 Junior

Round 5 Junior

Round 6 Junior

Round 7 Junior

Round 8 Junior

Extra Questions:

Extra Horse Bowl Questions:

Last updated March 15, 2023