4-H Teen Council

4-H Teen Club/Council

                                                Opportunity for teens 12 and older! 


Any enrolled 4-H member ages 12-18, is eligible to join! New members can join at any time during the year, but are encouraged to join in October, when our new 4-H year begins 

     The Teen Club/Council is a great opportunity for youth 12 and older. This group will allow teens to:

. Become active in helping promote Essex County 4-H

. Share their 4-H experiences at events and are able to attend club meetings to talk about their experiences in 4-H and the Teen Club as well

. Provide visibility as to the value of our 4-H program and their experiences 

. They will be a role model 

. They will recruit other 4-H youth and adults to not only join the club but join the 4-H program as a whole 

. They will work on fundraising ideas and volunteer ideas within the county 

. The group will become involved in local and state government 

. The teens will help create programming within our county as well  

. They will provide write ups for the events they help create and 4-H events they attend or volunteer at



Last updated October 26, 2020